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Our Story

SULÀ is an homage to both tradition and innovation. From the sun-kissed islands of the Philippines to the fine glassware gracing your home, every bottle embodies our commitment to quality, community, and environmental sustainability.

SULÀ Spirit’s vision is to elevate Filipino craftsmanship to the global stage. This liqueur is not just another libation to be enjoyed liberally; it’s a love letter from the Philippines to the world, capturing the tropical allure and rich cultural tapestry that define this archipelagic gem.

The distinct flavors of SULÀ are anchored through the ethical sourcing of the finest natural ingredients—the creamy coconuts of the country, the robust coffee beans from Batangas, and the aromatic cacao from Davao uniquely contribute to the brand’s blends. Scheduled for a grand launch in 2023, each bottle of SULÀ is curated to be a sensory voyage. It captivates the palate, enchants the mind, and nourishes the soul.

Pearl of the Orient

The bottle’s concept is inspired by the Philippines as the Pearl of the Orient Seas. This bottle design uses organic shapes that represents the organic nature of the brand which balances its dimensional structure.

Upon emptying the bottle, a hidden message emerges—a heartfelt love letter from the Filipino people to the world.

This thoughtful design adds an extra layer of depth and meaning to the drinking experience, inviting consumers to discover the beauty and richness of Filipino flavors with every pour.